CREATIVITY   •   as a way of living
MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS   •   because the only way out, is in
QUESTIONING   •   as the key to Truth

CULTIVATING TRANSCENDENCE   •   as the path to ultimate Freedom
PERSONAL GROWTH   •   through dedicated practice
LIFE   •   as the ultimate School

INTERDEPENDENCE   •   of all forms of existence
RESPECT   •   for Nature and an immensely abundant and beautiful planet, Earth
A SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE  •  through conscious choices, less waste & consumerism
KINDNESS, GENEROSITY & GRATITUDE   •   as the key to integrity and bliss

A 90% HEALTHY LIFESTYLE  •  use the remaining 10 for going crazy every now & then
A COMMUNITY   •   of awakened, empowered and inspired beings

MUSIC   •   in all its forms and in Dance
MOVEMENT   •   of body and mind
LAUGHTER & STORIES   •   they change lives

HAPPINESS   •   as an inside job (that makes you glow)
MAGIC   •   in pushing the limits of the believable
LOVE   •   as the source and the end. One infinite energy
THE WILD WEEDS   •   the rebels, the eternal seekers of Truth


I started cooking at a very early age with two amazing cooks: My grandma, Mãe-mãe, and my mother. I have been in love with kitchens ever since. I see them as labs for experimenting with and sharing Love. I’m passionate about combining flavours and textures to create the improbable. I cannot resist a farmers’ market and the beauty of natural foods or the sharing of stories around a dinner table.


I was diagnosed with arthritis in my early 20s - an auto-immune condition that made me reconsider my whole lifestyle and, more importantly, my relationship to food and to my own mind. My early passion for cooking developed into a deep love for learning and experimenting with whole, authentic, healing foods, with meditation, tai chi, yoga, detoxing and fasting. I tried to get my hands on virtually anything that promised to reestablish balance and wellness. I travelled the world and lived a bit all over and collaborated with various whole food and healing projects over the years. I also dived deep into Yoga studies. I succeeded in healing my condition and experienced a tremendous shift in consciousness and in my attitude towards life as a consequence.

What makes me come alive? Being out in nature. A good conversation under the stars. Meditation and all transcendental experiences. Music, singing especially. Reading. A good sense of humour. Traveling. Exercising daily - surf is madly sneaking into my life. A good dinner and a glass of wine and furious dancing from time to time. Languages, all of them! Photography and video - my background is in the visual arts and in parallel to my ventures in the kitchen, I also love and still work with both.

My brother and skateboard athlete, Nuno, became my first green smoothie guinea pig and a devoted healthy food follower throughout the years. He absorbed all these new ideas like a sponge and noticed how much these routines improved his concentration and performance, both in skateboarding and in his studies. It was thanks to Nuno that I started the more intense workouts that  have been following eagerly for the last few months. We workout together often and I have never felt this well. You might even get to see me rolling by on a skateboard at some point if he manages to get me on that type of board... who knows ;)


I fell madly in love with skateboarding when I was twelve. It was a total mind shift. It increased my willpower and capacity to overcome obstacles in ways I could never have imagined. It also developed my passion for traveling, video, photography and design.

Skateboarding also made me aware of the importance of taking good care of my physical condition to prevent injuries and to be able to keep skating for much longer.
A daily workout is a perfect way to challenge ourselves and become physically and mentally stronger. 

After having been introduced to green smoothies by Pipa I started drinking them every day. This new routine quickly revolutionized my whole diet & lifestyle. 

I became more conscious and started taking responsibility for everything in my life, striving to define my goals and making plans to achieve them. I want to keep skating, dreaming big and acquiring new skills to help others bring out the best in them. 
If you'd like to check out some skateboarding clips, please also find me on Instagram.


diospiro (‘diːɒʃpiːruː’) : from the ancient Greek diospyros - persimmon, sharon fruit or kaki - meaning
divine fruit or food of the Gods


To make diospiro:
• simply place unconditional Love for food and all its exquisite tastes, shapes, colours and aromas in a large bowl.
• mix with 4 cups of uncontrollable desire for creating in the kitchen.
• add a pinch of a need to learn about healing foods and mindfulness and whisk until it becomes passion.
• sprinkle with cinnamon.
• serve chilled and share.



“diospiro whets the appetite for all things healthy! The pictures are beautiful and the recipes that I have had the chance to taste are deliciously, utterly delicious!!!”

Leonor Castilho, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Founder of the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Porto

“Everything started with a few smoothies and ended up changing my life definitively. Despite the fact that I have always cared for my diet, it was based on traditional Portuguese food. As a sportsman I felt the necessity to improve it and decided to take a few workshops with Filipa. The sensation was that of pulling the end of a thread of a yarn of wool. After the smoothies came the salads, the amazing desserts, superfoods, breakfasts, health food shopping sessions and what not! Incredibly tasty recipes which are very easy to make and so healthy! I realized that there was no turning back, especially because Filipa’s workshops are extremely comprehensive - she has an enormous and deep knowledge and is also very creative. She has the capacity to transmit essential information in a way that turns a workshop, above all, into a fruitful starting point.

I am 43, a vegetarian, mostly vegan, for over 5 (once in a while I eat happy chicken’s eggs and a bit of cheese) and I feel better and fitter than ever. I never even catch a cold and my blood tests are worthy of a ‘magazine cover’. I have no doubt that my iron health is the result of my eating habits. The ‘cherry on top of the cake’ is that Filipa does not confine herself to the workshops. Whoever wishes to deepen his/her knowledge and embark on a search for a healthy lifestyle has plenty to choose from at Diospiro. I more than recommend! Enjoy your journey as I am enjoying mine!”

Diogo Graça Moura, Vice President of BERD - One Bridge One Solution, Windsurf, Motocross and Enduro Athlete, Trustee of Animais de Rua Non-Profit Organization


“Quinta das Águias has a long term experience with the professionalism and expertise of diospiro's Filipa Cardoso. At many occasions we shared the kitchen, experience, knowledge and ideas, analysing in depth what is known by science concerning fasting, detoxing and healthy diets. In a raw food "cooking" workshop at Quinta das Águias Filipa has shown the audience how convincingly tasty the food that she prepares is. diospiro is the result of many years of studying, experiencing and exchanging and links aesthetics and  health with the joy of eating on a sound scientific foundation with whom we will like to continue working in the future.”

Joep Ingen-Housz, Vice President of Quinta das Águias Non-Profit Organization

“We have been having the privilege of hosting Filipa’s workshops and it could not be better. The themes that she addresses are extremely interesting and captivating… Her communication capacity and the enthusiasm with which she shares her knowledge are inspiring. The feedback from the participants is excellent and we have been witnessing how they have been changing their lifestyles and eating habits thanks to what they learn in her classes. These are the kinds of projects that contribute to transform people’s lives and help make our world a better place. A remarkable work!"

Mónica Mata, Creator & Owner of the Project Quintal Bioshop

“Filipa guided me in multiple aspects of my eating habits. I started to eat and feel better. One of the fascinating sides of eating well - and more specifically of drinking smoothies - is that no great efforts are needed to make simple and nutritious treats with very few ingredients. I haven’t given up on other foods, I simply love my dose of French fries every now and then! But the fun part of introducing smoothies and whole foods into one’s diet is that the desire for less healthy foods starts to decrease. Filipa has certainly changed my eating habits and in a way, my life as well: sacrifices are not required to eat well!"

Peter Janson, diospiro’s Workshops Participant

“I have had the luck to taste countless recipes and participate in many workshops by diospiro. diospiro is a small paradise for whoever wants to venture into vegetarianism with an eye on health and another one on taste. I have learnt simple and quick recipes to kick start the day full of energy and creative ways to prepare foods that I did not even know existed. diospiro is a universe of colours, flavours and textures that turn the experience of eating into an adventure for the senses. I am an unconditional fan.”

Maria Pinto Teixeira, President of Animais de Rua Non-Profit Organization

"I participated in one of Filipa’s detox workshops and I loved it. Besides having learned useful healthy tips that I practice to this day, it was one more determining benchmark in my growing awareness of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Do not miss the chance to attend one of these sessions!"

Paula Calheiros, Author of the Blog Viver o Porto