Juice & Smoothie Challenge - Free Printable Guide

simple healthy habits juice smoothie challenge guide

Tired of feeling tired? Lacking focus and concentration? In need of rebooting body and mind? Wanting to shed that extra weight or actually gain some? Wishing to clear those skin blemishes? Dreaming you could feel, look and be more healthy, but no time to learn all the ins and outs of a healthy lifestyle?

You’re ready for diospiro’s 2-Week-Green-Juice&Smoothie-Challenge!

We’ve been studying the secrets to a healthy lifestyle for years (to know more, please read ‘our story’) and one of the things that we just cannot part with is our daily green drink, be it a juice, a smoothie, or both. And because we love these magic green potions so much, we’ve prepared a free ebook with lots of delicious recipes specially for you (link below).

But... we wanted to make this simple healthy routine dead easy for you. So, we decided to create a printable two week guide using the recipes from our free ebook. Our suggestion is that you drink 1 green drink per weekday and 2 every saturday and sunday. And to make sure you wouldn’t have to scratch your head over anything, we even included a shopping list for each week of the challenge. All you have to do is pick a date to start, shop, juice and feel amazing (all the steps summarized below).

Here’s a small excerpt from our free e-book on green juices and smoothies to get you going:

Green juices and smoothies are simply the best way to nourish, energize, detox and reboot body and mind. They are easy and quick to prepare and taste divine. These drinks keep hunger and thirst at bay and make your skin, hair and nails glow.

They have so many nutrients they are many times called ‘liquid meals’ and are very easy to digest too. They provide almost all the nutrients you need, making you crave less and less processed foods. Your whole body starts to work like a swiss clock, cleaning up unwanted waste and weight. But if you need to gain an extra pound, don’t panic, they will help you do just that too.

They are also the perfect ‘meal-to-go’, whether you’re out working, exercising or simply relaxing. You only have to invest a little time and energy to rip an array of amazing benefits.                

But please don’t take our word for it, try drinking a green juice or smoothie everyday for a week and feel the effects for yourself. You will by then most probably have created an amazing healthy and... addictive habit. Best combo, right?! Your body and mind will thank you and keep asking for more.

2 Week Green Juice and Smoothie Challenge STEP-BY-STEP
• Subscribe to our newsletter and download our free ebook with all the recipes here.
• Download our guide here, print and read through it.
• Pick a date to start the challenge.
• Cut off the shopping list from the guide.
• Hang the printable on your fridge or in front of your desk, somewhere where you can see it everyday
• Shop! Don’t forget your shopping list ;)
• You’re ready to go green - 3,2,1…..!!! :D

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