Green Juice & Smoothie Challenge - Winter Ingredients

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Last September we called all our readers to join us in our 15 day Green Juice & Smoothie Challenge.

This week, after having been on Porto Canal's Olá Maria TV Program, the challenge took on a whole new dimension when the program's team decided to embark on it full heartedly and the news spread rapidly on social media.

A movement by a group of friends with the common interest of becoming more energetic and healthy quickly formed in Lisbon and we heard they'll be starting the challenge altogether this coming week!!! We're stoked :D

Meanwhile, some of the ingredients used in our Juice & Smoothie ebook are unavailable this season, so we decided to adapt the recipes and have just published a new guide with a brand new shopping list on the blog.

Here's how to adapt the recipes:

Break on Through: celery stalks for ½ bunch coriander (cilantro) 
Purple Haze: grapes for pear
Whole Lotta Love: watermelon for 1 kiwi + juice of 2 tangerines e raspberries for mixed berries
Sympathy for the Devil: watermelon for juice of 1 pomegranate (use a citrus juicer to squeeze the pomegranate in the same way you would squeeze an orange)
Candy: peaches for mango

One in a Million: *the recipe for turmeric paste is already up on the blog:

2 Week Green Juice and Smoothie Challenge STEP-BY-STEP

• Subscribe to our newsletter and download our free ebook with all the recipes here.
• Download our winter guide here, print and read through it.
• Pick a date to start the challenge.
• Cut off the shopping list from the guide.
• Hang the printable on your fridge or in front of your desk, somewhere where you can see it everyday
• Shop! Don’t forget your shopping list ;)
• You’re ready to go green - 3,2,1…..!!! :D

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